Wine on the Carpet, Oh No

The other day, I hosted a dinner party for all of the people at my husband’s firm. They just landed a huge client, so the party was a big celebratory event. The food was absolutely delicious and plentiful, as was the wine and alcoholic beverages.

Everyone had a wonderful time. At the end of the evening, when all of our guests had gone home, my husband and I retired to bed. I was just too tired to pick up the few straggling glasses and napkins on the living room tables. This was not a very smart move on my part. The next morning, I was tidying up the living room and much to my surprise; I saw wine stains on my white carpeting. It looked as if somebody stumbled and the wine sloshed out of the glass. I’d assume that whoever spilled it didn’t even realize it, because I did have the lights dimmer than usual. Unfortunately, it took me nearly twelve hours to notice the stains.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Sunrise

I grabbed a bottle of seltzer out of the pantry, and got to work trying to get the stains out of the carpeting. All the seltzer did was make the stains a little bit lighter in color however; the stains got significantly bigger. I was mortified! I’ve always used seltzer to handle wine stains on the carpets before, but then again I’ve always caught the problem right away. Next, I decided to run out to Publix and grab a can of that spray on carpet cleaner. The can said that it would remove wine stains easily. I got home and went back to work trying to get out the stains. I followed the directions on the spray cleaner can, and the stains got even bigger. They didn’t even get lighter as they did with the seltzer; only bigger. By this time, I was in a tizzy. The carpeting was only six months old and in all honesty, we can’t afford to replace it again. My husband decided to go out and rent one of those big carpet cleaners from the store. He cleaned the entire carpet and even pre-spotted the wine stays. We waited for the carpet to dry and the wine stains were still there. I was at wit’s end. Seeing how frustrated and upset I was, my husband called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. When they got here, they told us that there would be no problem with getting rid of the growing wine stains. After everything that I tried to get rid of them, I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not that would be true. Much to my chagrin, the stains were gone and the carpeting looked like brand new again. If this ever happens to you, call in the professionals first. It’ll save you time, money and a lot of frustration.