Worst Pet Odor Known to Man

Last year, my great aunt passed away in Davie and I was left her beloved cat, Longfellow. While I understand that my great aunt lived alone and needed company, Longfellow certainly isn’t the picture perfect candidate for the typical family’s pet cat.

This cat was absolutely crazy. He had no issue with walking up to you and squatting on the floor to do his business. He would hide behind the living room furniture and do his business as well. For those of you who have never experienced feline urine, there is no more disgusting smell in the world. It makes you feel nauseous, burns your nostrils and even leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. The stench just infiltrates every orifice that takes in air. It’s just plain disgusting. I did NOT want my home in Davie to stink like cat pee from my great aunt’s cat. After only 1 week, the smell hit me like a ton of bricks when I came home from work. It’s not like he had a different litterbox or anything. I scrubbed the litterbox Longfellow had, and even bought the same brand of cat litter. He still did the same thing. I called the Vet and asked him for help. The Vet said that since the former owners of our home had a cat, we should have the carpets cleaned. Even though humans can’t smell the hidden odors, other cats can. Then, the new cat will try to cover the other cat’s scent by peeing all over the place. He also suggested that we confine Longfellow to a single room until he started using the litterbox properly.

Carpet Cleaning in Davie

I moved Longfellow into my home office, which has tile floors. Of course, I moved his litterbox, scratching post, bed and bowls in there too. I contacted Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners to see if they’ve ever dealt with such a horrible problem. The receptionist told me that I was not alone. A lot of people who adopt cats have to go through this terrible period. They assured me that their carpet cleaners would have my home in Davie looking and smelling good again. The carpet cleaners showed up as scheduled and weren’t covering their noses like we do upon entering the house. It was obvious that the receptionist was telling the trust about the carpet cleaners being experienced in pet odor removal. I’d like to say that I relaxed on the lanai as they worked however; that would be a lie. I sat out there hoping that they could make my house a comfortable home again, and they did. When I came in after they finished the carpet cleaning and pet odor removal, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t smell cat pee. And as the Vet said, once we let Longfellow out of seclusion, he stopped peeing all over. Anyone who needs to get rid of pet odors or have professional carpet cleaners in should call Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Davie. They did such a great job for me. There’s no doubt they will do the same for you.