The Gravy was Everywhere

Recently, we had a big family reunion that was held at my home. Family had traveled from Michigan and Iowa for the reunion we host every five years, here in West Palm Beach.

Thankfully, the vast majority of our relatives stay in area hotels however; both my parents and my husband’s parents stay in our guest bedrooms. It gives us some quiet time to reconnect and talk without having all of the other people hovering around constantly. Anyway, I had all of the carpets in my West Palm Beach home cleaned a couple of weeks before the reunion. We have a little Maltese dog, and didn’t want the carpet cleaning services as well as the pet odor removal done. The service performed by Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners was professional and done properly. Anyway, the reunion went well. We all enjoyed spending time together, and talking about old times, as well as bragging about the grandchildren. It was a great time for everyone who attended. That is until the gravy incident. The last night of our time together as a family, I made enough roast beef for all of the thirty people in attendance. Naturally, I also served mashed potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, and broccoli in a lovely cheese sauce. Of course, I had a cauldron filled with homemade gravy. My family slathers nearly everything in gravy. It’s just how we prefer to eat our foods. Honestly, there’s nothing better than a good pot of gravy that was made from scratch by a loved one. Gravy is just a soothing, comfort food that we all grew up with and expected to have on the table every night. So, dinner was all ready and we started placing the plates of food on the table. People were going to serve themselves buffet style, because I don’t have indoor seating for that many people. I was carrying a large bowl filled with gravy when I stepped on a Hot Wheels car and lost my footing. The bowl of gravy flew out of my hands, and went everywhere. In essence, it splattered all over my light beige carpeting. What a disaster it was. I did everything I could to mediate the stains however; I knew that I needed professional carpet cleaners. The very next morning, I called my trusted friends at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. They were able to come out that very same day and cleaned my carpeting. I really thought that the gravy would have stained the carpet beyond repair, but the carpet cleaners had my Boca Raton home’s carpeting looking brand new in no time flat. Thank you Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners, for having such great employees on staff. I would never use any other carpet cleaning company again.