New Puppy Carpet Disaster

Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love my in laws, but sometimes they do things for my daughters that I just don’t approve of. I have no issue with the cute outfits they buy them, or taking them out for ice cream and cake before dinner however; they bought my girls a puppy and didn’t even give me or my husband the heads up about it.

We both work full time jobs in West Palm Beach and of course, the kids are in school all day. A little 9 week old puppy just wasn’t in the plans for us. New wall to wall carpeting was installed in our house less than a year ago. My kids are potty trained and I certainly don’t have the time or energy to clean up after a little puppy. They gave me absolutely no choice. I couldn’t say no after my girls were given the gift of a cute puppy. They’d look at me like a monster.

So, my kids fell in love with Princess and she became a part of the family. Despite all of our efforts early on to bring Princess outside to do her business, we always came home to find pee and poop on the carpets. I do love animals but I do know that baby puppies need to go outside more often than adult dogs, just like humans.

Although I spend tons of money on carpet cleaning sprays that I bought at Publix West Palm Beach, the carpeting looked and smelled terrible. To be honest with you, I couldn’t take the puppy away from my girls and find her a new home. Believe me, my in laws were not my favorite people at this time. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

To try to make life bearable, I hired a dog trainer to potty train Princess, and teach her some manners like sitting and not jumping on people. I never had a clue that tiny dogs could make such big messes. The trainer worked with Princess, and believe it or not; she was crate trained and housebroken in three weeks. I was so thrilled. NO MORE MESSES.

I did have to deal with the smell and stains on my carpeting throughout the house. It was nasty but the trainer suggested I call Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. A few days later they were at my house and made my carpets look perfect again. More importantly, Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners eliminated the pet urine odors. Although I will never forgive my in laws for bringing my daughters the puppy, I am so very grateful to Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Boca Raton for making my home look and smell fresh and clean again.

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