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I Thought My Carpeting was Ruined

Last week, I was outside working in the garden while my 9 year old daughter was inside of my Fort Lauderdale home watching her favorite Disney shows. This is pretty much the normal routine for Saturday mornings at my house, because my husband generally works until noon. So, I was pulling out the never ending supply of weeds that grow inside of the flower beds that go around the foundation of the house when my daughter opened the front door and asked me for help. I took of my gloves and went inside, thinking that the cable went out or something. It was much, much worse that a problem with the cable TV.

It seems that my daughter tripped over her own feet and spilled a glass of chocolate milk all over my gray carpeting in the living room. She makes her chocolate milk extra dark, so I knew that this would not be a good thing. I grabbed some old towels that I use for bathing the dogs and started sopping up the mess. After I got the vast amount of chocolate milk out of the carpet, I got some carpet cleaner that I keep in the laundry cabinet and got to work. I sprayed and I scrubbed, and then sprayed and scrubbed some more. There was still a large brownish stain on the carpeting Then, I noticed that I missed several small spots from where some of the chocolate milk spattered. The carpeting is only about three years old and we just don’t have the funds to replace it. If you haven’t bought new carpeting in Fort Lauderdale lately, it’s really expensive. The next day, my husband went to Publix in Fort Lauderdale to rent a carpet cleaning machine. He bought all of the shampoos and stain removal stuff that the clerk recommended. After spending about three hours trying to get the spots out of the carpeting, the stains looked even bigger. I was beside myself, thinking that I would have to explain the nasty stain to every person who came to visit. Monday came and when I stopped at home for lunch and opened the front door, the house smelled like sour milk. The stench gagged me and turned my stomach. I knew that I had to do something immediately. I went on the computer and found Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. One phone call and their Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaning crew were on their way. Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners showed up on time to my Fort Lauderdale home. They immediately got to work and in no time, my living room carpeting looked like new and smelled fresh and clean again. Anytime I need a carpet cleaning team, I will definitely call Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Fort Lauderdale.