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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

The real estate market in Palm Beach County is finally on the upswing. This upswing is after so many people lost their homes to foreclosure, or had been completely upside on their mortgages that they had to do a short sale. Fortunately, the property values in the area have been going up once again. For this reason, many people are putting their homes on the market in the hope of making some money. Of course, there are also others who simply want to downsize because the children have gone out on their own. Either way, getting the house ready to sell is essential if you want to get the highest offers on the property.

Kitchens Sell Homes

There are loads of surveys out there that state that the most important room to homebuyers is the kitchen. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We cook and eat our meals there. The kids often do homework there. Many families even have family game night there. Having your kitchen sparkle is important when selling a home. Your countertops, cabinets, and appliances could be absolutely spectacular however; if the grout is dirty, dingy or stained you will probably lose money. Grout cleaning is really hard work and is best left to the professionals.

Clean Tiles Make a Difference

The first thing that a potential homebuyer notices is the flooring. More than likely, there are tile floors somewhere in your home, if not completely throughout it. Naturally, you probably mop the floors regularly, but that’s not enough for most homebuyers. The tiles need to be polished and shine like the sun. A really good tile cleaning is important when selling a home. It’s always best to have professionals come into the house, and get the tiles looking like they were newly installed.

Clean Carpets Matter

The condition of the carpeting in the home being sold is important to homebuyers. Carpeting with stains or that smells of pets or stinky feet will be an instant turnoff for potential buyers. Just put yourself in their shoes. People looking to buy homes will judge whether or not the home has been well cared for, by the condition of the carpeting. Those cleaners that are available at Publix are a complete waste of money. They might make the carpet look better, but it is doubtful it will make it look as good as hiring a professional service.

The Entryway Is the Face of the House

Homes that have a tile entry need special attention. The entryway is the face of the home and without a welcoming smile, people might pass it by. Besides having the doors clean and the hardware polished, the grout will need to be cleaned. Outdoor tiles get dirtier than those inside of the house, so they will really need to be taken care of. Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners can handle all of your pre-sale cleaning needs.