Don’t Throw Out the Couch

Last year, my husband finally broke down and let me buy a really nice suite of furniture for our living room. To be completely honest with you, it cost a lot of money that we really couldn’t afford to spend. The problem was that the old furniture was torn and worn and really looked and smelled bad. In fact, if you sat on it while wearing a pair of shorts you would have gotten a sticky feeling on the backs of your legs. It was just old and nasty and needed to get out of the house. Of course, my husband and his buddies didn’t see anything wrong with it, but I certainly did.

I shopped for almost 3 weeks before finding the perfect furniture for the living room in our Margate home. Shopping with my husband was futile. All he did was sit down on every piece of furniture and rate the comfort level on a scale of one to ten. Yes, this is the man that I married. Finally, I found a great tan colored living room suite that also ranked a nine on the Greg level of comfort scale. Imagine that! We agreed on the new living room furniture. The furniture store delivered our new living room set and even Greg was happy with the difference. We no longer felt like we needed to take showers after sitting on the couch to watch TV. The house smelled much better than it did before, considering it smelled like a decomposing body. And, it was so comfortable that on more than one occasion the both of us dozed off on it, only to wake up the next morning feeling well-rested.

Carpet Cleaning in Sunrise

I needed to go out of town for business on Super Bowl weekend, so Greg was left alone to host our annual party in our Margate home. The usual guests came but I wasn’t there to babysit the adult crazies in our group of friends. From what I gather, one of our friends jumped up when his team scored and spilled a Vodka Cranberry on someone else, who in turn jumped up and spilled her red wine. Instead of doing something logical like cleaning the spills up immediately, they took the good towels out of the guest bath, placed them over the spills and continued to watch the game. Greg simply left the towels in place and when I arrived home on Tuesday, I was beside myself. I knew that there was no way I could remedy this on my own so I called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Margate to help. They were awesome! The cleaners looked at the stains and knew exactly what to do. They performed the upholstery cleaning and oh my goodness, the couch looked like new. When bad stains happen to your couch, call the expert upholstery cleaners at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. They are like the gods of the carpet cleaning industry in Margate.