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4 Reasons to Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

There are many West Palm Beach homeowners’ who prefer having wall to wall carpeting over tile floors. While tile floors and much easier to maintain, they’re just not as comfortable underfoot. Besides, many types of tiles can be very slippery, especially when they get wet. Let’s face it; during the rainy season we do tend to walk across the floors with wet shoes. Keeping carpets clean can be a nightmare, particularly for those with pets or kids. Those grocery store cleaners rarely do the job effectively. There are many reasons for having your carpets professionally cleaned.

Green Cleaning

Most of the canned carpet cleaning products are heavily infused with chemicals that can be harmful to those who use them. Once you put them on your carpet, the residue will remain there forever. Even the cleaning products designed for rental cleaning machines have some scary chemicals in their ingredients that will linger in your wall to wall carpeting forever. By having your carpets professionally cleaned, you’ll have the ability to request that the cleaners only use green products on the carpeting of your home. This is healthier for your family and the environment too!

Germ Removal

You have no idea how many germs are lurking in the fibers of your carpeting. Just think about the number of colds each of your family members have suffered with over the past year. Consider how many times your dirty shoes or bare feet have made their way across the carpets. There could also be remnants from a leaking diaper or vomitus deep down inside. These germs love to breed inside of the fibers. Professional carpet cleaners can get those nasty germs out of the carpeting.

Get Rid of Tough Stains

No matter how careful you are, you will wind up with at least one stain on your carpeting. It’s just a fact of life. Things happen, and spills occur. There’s always the potential for bladder or bowel accidents, if you have a pet or two in the house. Canned products for removing stains just don’t work effectively. Professional cleaners are experts in getting rid of tough stains in carpeting.

Removes Nasty Odors

When you live in a home, you get accustomed to the odors inside of the carpeting. The odors from your pets, husband’s smelly feet, and child’s spilled cup of milk are still lingering there. You’re immune to these smells however; other people coming into your home are not. It’s never a good thing to be known as the family with the stinky home. In all honesty, all of the carpet fresh in the world won’t make the carpeting fresh. The folks at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners can have your carpet looking and smelling like new again.